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I’m Ashelynn Rowan, a virtual content creator with a focus on creative writing and Japanese language studying.

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My Crush Is A Nekomata: Chapter 3- I’m So Furtunate

Maneki’s POV The next morning, I stepped out into the morning sunlight and practically bounded down the road. I spent the morning avoiding Taro as best as I could, but I wasn’t all that successful. I remembered the way that he glared at me from the kitchen when I came out of my room in…

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The Rise of The Dragon Queen- Chapter 10

We headed out again after we left the restaurant and headed for the forest outside of the city. We followed a winding dirt path into the woods and quickly found ourselves deep inside of it. We wandered around for a while, searching for the dragon, but found nothing. Vixia and I were walking along behind…

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