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This is a section where you can read all about my current WIPs and finished stories, as well as where to find them.

Current WIPs

My Crush Is A Nekomata

Event: MALxHoneyfeed Contest

Type: Web Novel

Chapter Release Dates: July 20th, 2021-???

Status: Drafting

Summary: Ryoko Okazaki has a crush on Maneki Nekomura but is unable to find the courage to talk to her. That is until she discovers that her crush isn’t human at all, but is actually a Nekomata. Maneki begs Ryoko to keep her true identity a secret and Ryoko agrees, which leads to a growing friendship and even more. But what will become of the two when they have to keep more secrets than the one they initially agreed on?

Available on Honeyfeed only.

The Rise of The Dragon Queen

Event: Camp NaNoWriMo (April 2021), Camp NaNoWriMo (July 2021)

Type: Web Novel

Chapter Release Dates: June 4th, 2021-???

Status: Currently on hiatus (temporary)

Summary: Ketsuna and her wife Vixia are both highly-efficient dragon slayers- which is exactly why the queen’s dragon defense guild hates them. But how will they manage when they are forced into joining the guild in exchange for Ketsuna’s ability to gain citizenship? Also, how will they survive once they find out that the guild and the kingdom that they devoted themselves to is not as it seems?

Available on website and Honeyfeed.

Completed Web Novels

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Short Stories

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